November 28, 2022

BCSC Professional

Development Day Goal

As a district, we continue to use our strategic plan to guide and learn together as we develop BCSC staff.

Dr. Roberts Opening Remarks (8:00-8:20 am)

Keynote Address (8:20-9:15 am)

Jack Hess is the co-founder and Executive Director of CivicLab, a nonprofit institute dedicated to advancing the practice of civic collaboration based in Columbus, Indiana. CivicLab teaches collaborative community teams how to better approach complex social problems by redesigning the way they work together. Since its inception in 2012, it has partnered with and served more than 350 communities and has trained more than 16,000 leaders and community stakeholders.

School Building/Program Specific PD with Tie to Equity within the

BCSC Strategic Plan (9:15-10:45 am)

Prep Time/Lunch (10:45-12:30 pm)

Q & A on Topics Around the district (Available from 10:45-11:15 am)

During this time there will be an OPTIONAL informal drop-in session you can attend.

New Changes to the GMRC

Join us for a time of open questions about the changes to GMRC this year.

(Link to Session)

Gail Koors and Jeannie Long

Parent Square

Do you have questions about ParentSquare? This session is a Q & A on how to reach families effectively using ParentSquare.

(Link to Session)

Josh Burnett

E-Learning for 2022-23

Get prepared and informed on eLearning for 2022-2023 school year as we head into winter.

(Link to Session)

Nick Williams

BCSC Building/Construction Updates

This session will be an open forum to ask questions related to current and future facility work including Q/A regarding expected growth in the district, demographic study results, etc.

(Link to Session)

Dr. Boezeman and Mandy Keele

Human Resources

Do you have questions about your teacher's license? Ask Dr. Pleak about LVIS, renewals, additions, tests, emergency permits, etc.

(Link to Session)

Dr. Gina Pleak

Why should I have a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Employees with a Health Savings Account will soon be able to use any bank for their HSA (currently Centra is the only option). Join this session to ask questions about your HSA options.

(Link to Session)

Mr. Phillips

Restorative Practices

Join us for a Q & A session to gain a better understanding of who Restorative Practices support BCSC's Mission, Vision, and Goals, as well as how this impacts your role.

(Link to Session)

Rhonda Laswell

TrueTime FAQs

Do you have any questions about using TrueTime? If so, please join this Q&A session.

(Link to Session)

Jon Pence

Fun with Canvas!

This is a pre-recorded session. Learn more about BCSC’s adoption of Canvas including why Canvas was chosen, when training will occur, and when we will start using the learning management system.

(Link to Session)

Brenny Kummer

School Building/Program Specific PD (12:30-3:00 pm)